My Share Pricing (05/10/2012) Thursday

10 May
World Trade Center, Stockholm

World Trade Center, Stockholm (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Avg. Dividend Paid Out: 0.82e /share
Last Dividend Paid Out: 0.81e /share
Share Price: 81.59e
Past 7 days: 73.10e – 81.59e (+8.49)
Previous Week: 58.62e – 73.10e (+14.48)
Yesterday’s Volume: 1863
Total Shares Available: 95000
Shares Outstanding: 90041 (94.78%)
Shares Owned: 8079


I am right at the precipice of passing over to 100,000 shares.  I have hired the Advisors and see how they can help me track how I am advancing.   I have dipped a bit in my social connections but I see exactly where I need to pick it up.  I also ran a quick blog comment mission in the evening comparatively how I run mission is in the morning and my success ratio was barely half.  It is clear that more scrupulous people are playing in the early part of the day then not.


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