What is Empire Avenue

25 May

Empire Avenue is a social networking website that is also a dynamic social marketing tool, more descriptively a social networking scoring service that as a means makes social media more productive.  The scoring system is built on the premise of the American stock market.  Like the Stock Market where you can personally buy stocks of publicly traded companies. Empire Avenue lets you establish yourself, your company or brand and your online activity through other social networks as a stock entity.  As you engage in social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as you earn activity points this causes your stock price to increase.  Other members are able to purchase your stock as you are able to purchase the stock other member, building for yourself a sizable portfolio.

Empire Avenue is the basically the Social Stock Market, a place where you can Grow your Social Capital online. As you discover valuable, interesting, fun people online and share in their social media goals your social influences grows. You create new connections and potential business partners through your investments and as people invest in you, your social capital increases.



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