Louie Baur recommends 3 benefits of playing Empire Avenue Article by JD Rucker

24 Jun

Today (06/24/12) (e)LOUIEBAUR, an Empire Avenue luminary recommended an article, “3 benefits of Playing Empire Avenue” by (e)OBOY [JD Rucker] I enjoyed JD’s perspective on Empire Avenue.  He concisely identifies three important benefits to engaging with Empire Avenue for social media influencers. It is a great read for those getting started or those contemplating starting.  I am a shareholder to both these gentleman and am learning a lot by tracking these two.

I would like to take note here though that I have read a few people refer to Empire Avenue as a game,  I don’t believe that Empire Avenue is actually a game due to the following reasons; it is a true and precise evaluation of a person’s or business’ real social media or online presence efforts, it expands a person’s or business’ real marketing efforts through a live collective social sharing platform and it provides people a way to engage in a meaningful way that is mutually beneficial.  Even the tasks of creating a valuable stock portfolio and the building of value in one’s own personal stock has real money implications.  The benefits of marketing and social sharing strategies demonstrated on Empire Avenue extend beyond the limits of its own website which eliminates the concept of it being a ‘game’ in my humble opinion.

Empire Avenue is no more a game than Second Life another provocatively innovative virtual environment.  Social Media is begging the question of itself what is the totality of social media? and who are its top influencers? In answer Kred, Klout and Empire Avenue are providing solutions that are better categorized more as social environments and/or networks rather than a mere website. People are finding that their Klout score can help them to secure a better standing in their career and/or lead to new positions also it will get you in the First Class Lounge for Cathay Pacific at the San Francisco Airport.

Read JD’s article here…

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