My Day in Social Media (07/05/2013) Friday

05 Jul

You only have to do a very few things right in your life so long as you don’t do too many things wrong. – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett


Portfolio Value:29,159,694.14e  (  20,725.78 )
Yesterday’s Dividend Income:82,862.22e
Avg. Dividend You Paid Out:0.98e /share
Last Dividend You Paid Out:1.05e /share
Share Price:206.84e
Share Price ( Past 7 Days ):206.62e – 206.84e  (  0.22 )
Share Price ( Previous Week ):204.50e – 206.62e  (  2.11 )
Yesterday’s Shares Volume:106
Your Outstanding Shares:492,761
Total Shares You Own in Others:97,654
48 people bought 4,512 shares.
(last week: 65 people, 7,983 shares)
3 people sold 878 shares.
(last week: 5 people, 804 shares)
14 people bought shares in you who did not own any before this week.
(last week, 9 people)
Some people that bought you who did not own any shares before this week:


Foursquare 45-Empire Avenue 47+Facebook 43,

WordPress 29 Twitter 30+,  Instagram 28,

 Flickr 18, LinkedIn 12, Google+ 6+,  You Tube 3, Fan Page 1


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