My Day in Social Media (07/11/2013) Thursday

12 Jul




Portfolio Value:30,021,291.08e  (  43,813.85 )
Yesterday’s Dividend Income:83,585.54e
Avg. Dividend You Paid Out:1.06e /share
Last Dividend You Paid Out:1.02e /share
Share Price:208.97e
Share Price ( Past 7 Days ):206.04e – 208.97e  (  2.92 )
Share Price ( Previous Week ):206.55e – 206.04e  (  0.51 )
Yesterday’s Shares Volume:620
Your Outstanding Shares:496,151
Total Shares You Own in Others:99,819
73 people bought 6,062 shares.
(last week: 47 people, 3,687 shares)
3 people sold 1,757 shares.
(last week: 4 people, 1,325 shares)
7 people bought shares in you who did not own any before this week.
(last week, 14 people)
Some people that bought you who did not own any shares before this week:

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