05 Jun
My Day in Social Media (06/05/2016) Sunday



Big thinking precedes great achievement. This is true in life when considering all the different aspects of your living.  Big thinking in regards to love, career, health, and wealth put you in the frame of mind that produces great achievements.  You cannot experience the love of your life, if you don’t think about it first and believe in it.  You cannot yearn $100,000 a year until you have planned out how it will happen and set goals and objectives to getting there.  Your career is only as fulfilling as the thoughts you put into the work you do, thinking big here results in excellent performance. Good health is a responsibility that requires thinking outsde the box and looking at yourself as a totality, as you breath and move, you influence everything.

– Lisa Lorraine

Your Share Price

285.88 e   +0.50e )

Last 7 Days: 279.05 e – 285.88 e  ( + 6.83 )

Your Wealth

100,354,536.21e Net Wealth

Portfolio Value 86,169,455.47 e
  8,003,550.07 )
Last Dividend Income 0.00 e

Average Dividend Payout and Breakdown

Average Dividend Payout
0.27 e / share

Your last Dividend Payout to others: 0.26e /share


My Day in Social Media (06/05/2016) Sunday

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