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My Day in Social Media (06/06/2016) Monday



It is extremely important to understand that focus and effort, drive you to your goals. However, when what I am talking about when I say focus and effort are not in the attaining the goal. The focus and effort should be on the process and the daily work you are doing to get to your goals.  It is the practice of staying present and mindful in what you are doing in any exact moment.

By social tradition we are all knowing that having goals are what most successful people excel at; we are achievement-hunters, goal-orienters, forward-lookers.  Which leaves us in discontentment and disappointment in the present.  Feeling good about a job well done, today, is a lost skill.  We judge based on the results now, we care too much about what others think, and therefore we have no control.

In controlling our focus and our effort on a daily, or evenly hourly basis we are moving confidently towards our goals without all the unnecessary noise of external factors. Enjoyment fills the work as we enjoy the process.  Because life is to be lived in present with all our focus and all our effort.                                                                      -Lisa Lorraine


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My Day in Social Media (06/06/2016) Monday

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