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My Day in Social Media (06/17/2013) Monday

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. – Charles Darwin


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Faith is not the belief that everything will be all right tomorrow. Faith is the belief that I possess the tools and strength to make everything all right today. Start today, and see how great your tomorrow will be. Sit quietly at the start of your day and remind yourself of this. I do.
Dr. Charles, Coach MD
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So anxious that you’re palpitating? Here’s how to calm down fast: 

Empire Avenue Daily Notes:

Portfolio Value:27,036,520.81e  (  18,012.86 )
Yesterday’s Dividend Income:79,070.22e
Avg. Dividend You Paid Out:1.19e /share
Last Dividend You Paid Out:1.09e /share
Share Price:203.42e
Share Price ( Past 7 Days ):201.04e – 203.42e  (  2.38 )
Share Price ( Previous Week ):192.23e – 201.04e  (  8.80 )
Yesterday’s Shares Volume:1,307
Your Outstanding Shares:482,380
Total Shares You Own in Others:91,059
158 people bought 16,908 shares.
(last week: 208 people, 30,750 shares)
4 people sold 197 shares.
(last week: 4 people, 575 shares)
15 people bought shares in you who did not own any before this week.
(last week, 30 people)
Some people that bought you who did not own any shares before this week:


Foursquare 46, Empire Avenue 41+Facebook 40,Instagram 31, Twitter 30,  WordPress 29, Flickr 15+LinkedIn 12, Google+ 8,  You Tube 3Fan Page 1


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My day at Empire Avenue (06/02/2013) Sunday

Live daringly, boldly, fearlessly. Taste the relish to be found in competition – in having put forth the best within you. – Henry J. Kaiser


Empire Avenue Daily Notes:

I am going to look into what determines my Dividend Paid I believe it is my social networking activity that determines it.  I am going to work to increase to 1.50e/share as I get to pricing at @200.00e/share.

Quick Stats (weekly change)
Shareholders:821 (+3)
Portfolio:1,331 (+1)
Recommended:55 (+0)
Avg. Dividend Paid:1.21e /share
Last Dividend Paid:1.26e /share
Stock Market Stats
Share Price:192.23e
Past 7 days:189.69e – 192.23e (+2.55)
Previous Week:186.31e – 189.69e (+3.38)
Yesterday’s Volume:640
Shares Outstanding:435973
Shares Owned:86343
83 people bought 8,584 shares.
(last week: 75 people, 11,652 shares)
1 people sold 62 shares.
(last week: 2 people, 7 shares)
8 people bought shares in you who did not own any before this week.
(last week, 9 people)
Some people that bought you who did not own any shares before this week:


Foursquare 47, Facebook 41, Empire Avenue 40,

Twitter 31, Instagram 30, WordPress 23,  LinkedIn 12,

Flickr 9, Google+ 10,  You Tube 3Fan Page 1

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